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At Crystic Resins India we provide a wide range of materials for the fibreglass and composites industry. Our products are competitively-priced and with unbeatable customer service standards. A complete range of products under one roof. 

Accelerators, promoters, Release agents, Inhibitors, Thinners, Cleaners, Fillers and additives are some of the ancillary products we offer. 

Mould release wax and agents

CRIPL offers both wax and liquid PVA based release agents. 

Cleaning Solvents

Special solvents for cleaning tools and brushes

Accelerators and Promoters

Cobalt Based Accelerators

Accelerator for Clear Casting

Amine accelerator


Various types of Additives, stabilisers and solutions

Diluents and Monomers

CRIPL offers diluents for both polyester resins and gelcoats for decreasing viscosity and for easy flow charecteristics.

Equipments and consumables

Brushes and rollers


Fillers for SMC-DMC

Economical fillers

White pigment filler

Flame retardant fillers

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