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Research and development of sustainable resin solutions

Our focus is on formulating resins derived from recycled plastics and bio-based renewable sources as alternatives to traditional, 100% petrochemical-based counterparts. By pushing the boundaries of innovation, we aim to contribute to a circular economy and reduce our dependence on finite resources. CRIPL is focused in creating resins that harmonize performance with a greener, more sustainable future.


Energy Consumption

Manufacturing processes often demand substantial energy consumption. At CRIPL, we are proud to declare our commitment to a greener future. To this end, both our manufacturing sites have successfully transitioned to environmentally friendly energy sources, primarily gas. The adoption of gas-fired boilers and gensets across our facilities has not only significantly curtailed emissions but also minimized the reliance on fossil fuels. We are dedicated to implementing sustainable practices that contribute to a healthier planet and a more eco-conscious industry.


Solar powered

Our partial electricity needs are met through the generation of solar energy, marking a significant stride in minimizing emissions. As part of our ongoing dedication to environmental responsibility, we aspire to diminish our reliance on conventional methods. Our journey toward a sustainable future includes a proactive shift to greener alternatives whenever feasible. By harnessing the power of renewable energy, we are not only reducing our carbon footprint but also pioneering a cleaner and more sustainable path forward.

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