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At Crystic Resins India we provide a wide range of materials for the fibreglass composites industry. Our products are competitively-priced and with unbeatable customer service standards. A complete range of products under one roof. 

We manufacture Polyester Resins and Gelcoat systems and are distributors for all the Reinforcements and tools that are used within the fibreglass industry, such as Chopped Strand Matting, WovenRoving, GlassCloth, Surface Tissue, catalysts, rollers and much more. You can view our entire range here :


The company has a wide range of reinforcement fiberglass products mainly including : 

  • Chopped strand

  • Direct roving

  • Continous Filament Mat

  • Woven Roving

  • Chopped strand mat

  • Choppable roving

  • 3-D mats


The company has a wide range of ancillary products mainly including : 

  • Catalysts, solvents and additives

  • Fillers and adhesives

  • Brushes and rollers

  • Mould making materials

  • Polyester pigments

  • Release agents

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