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Our group has two manufacturing facilities - Crystic Resins India and Adgel Corporation

At Crystic Resins India, we have a state of the art manufacturing plant set up with a capacity of 9,500 MT along with a central laboratory to manufacture general and specialised resins including fire retardant resins and gelcoats. The factory is situated 25 kms from the capital (New Delhi) and 3 kms from the inland port for export shipments. Crystic Resins India is also registered under REX for exports to EU countries.

At Adgel Corporation, we have a modern state of the art facility with a production capacity of 14,500 MT per annum and enough space for further expansions. The factory is fully equipped to manufacture all types of resins along with our in-house manufacturing of pigments and Catalysts. The factory is situated 2 kms from inland ports (ICD Piyala and ICD Palwal) and very near to the upcoming Delhi-Mumbai freight corridor. 

Adgel Corporation is also registered under REX for exports to EU countries.

Both our units are ISO 9001 : 2015 certified.



We have one of the latest Reactors (Plant) for manufacturing of Polyester Resins backed with excellent Testing and Research facilities to ensure quality product and batch to batch consistency.


Salient Features of the Plant: -

  • Reactor fitted with special stirrers for fast, efficient homogenous stirring and for quick separation of By-product produced during the re-action.

  • Provision for creating Inert Gas Bed during the Polymerization to avoid oxidation and hereby better colour of the finished product.

  • In order to have very effective control on temperature parameter, Automatic Temperature Recorders have been fitted for both of the batch ingredients and overhead temperature which are very essential. 

  • We have adopted double stage plant system, which has been adopted in the International Market by the reputed manufacturers of Polyester Resins. 

The annual production capacity of the group is 25,000 MT PA.


Our total emphasis is on the quality product which is strictly ensured right from testing of raw materials for manufacturing of polyester resins and to the finished product. Crystic has the most modern plant, and is equipped with central laboratory to conduct systematic testing to ensure batch to batch consistency.

This is achieved through continual improvements in the system.

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